A Day Trip to Cambridge
Cambridge has one of the world’s great universities, based in United Kingdom and It so happened for me to visit this city was during my cousins wedding in Birmingham. Of course, Cambridge is famed internationally for its world-class university. Attended by some of the country’s top writers, actors, comedians and politicians, the college is set in stunning grounds. Dating back to the 12th century and including examples of the earliest patterned brickwork in England, the various colleges of this iconic establishment are dotted around the city. Cambridge is special for a lot of reasons but what I feel makes this English city truly incredible is it long, rich history and incredible buildings all across the city that are absolutely awe-inspiring to see. It’s sometimes hard to  believe that such a beautiful piece of British history is just used as an everyday facility by the city’s resident. It can be hard to imagine now, but many of the towns in the east of the county w…


Singapore- A step towards new journey New and first journey of life with my husband. I exactly don't remember about, how I traveled in Singapore, as I was literally carefree and without any research about Singapore. It was like a fairy dream travel for me.

It was in May, 2016 when I first traveled to Singapore. I applied for the Singapore Visa a month before directly from the visa office in New Delhi while applying for the Malaysian visa. We boarded the flight from New Delhi T3 airport for Singapore. It was a 4-5 hr flight journey. Reached Singapore Changi Airport on 1st May in the evening and got a cab to reach our Hotel. We stayed at Hotel Ramada. Nice, comfortable hotel with great service. Somehow with travel and cold in flight, I got unwell the night we landed. By next day evening, I was good to explore.
I found  Singapore is one of the cleanest and most orderly cities in the world, so much so that even the trees lining the main roads are planted at precise intervals. It is als…