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A Special Trip to Vietnam
Vietnam is the country located in the eastern part of South East Asia touching its border to Cambodia, Laos and China.
In past Vietnam has gone through the major war with United States in mid-20th century. Vietnam can be mainly divided into: North, Central and South Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City (republic and corporate city) in south is the country's largest city, Hanoi (oldest city) in north being the second largest city and Da Nang (newly developed) in Central is the third largest city in the country.
Visa :
For many Countries, Tourist Visa is free like Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom and few others.  Though for Indian passport holders, they need a pre-approval letter of invite beforehand itself. You can opt for e-visa for a month or 3 month. Can use Vietnam Visa pro for online visa application.
Carry visa-on-arrival pre-approval papers, 2passport size photos and cash (USD/ VND) with you.  When you la…


A Day Trip to Cambridge
Cambridge has one of the world’s great universities, based in United Kingdom and It so happened for me to visit this city was during my cousins wedding in Birmingham. Of course, Cambridge is famed internationally for its world-class university. Attended by some of the country’s top writers, actors, comedians and politicians, the college is set in stunning grounds. Dating back to the 12th century and including examples of the earliest patterned brickwork in England, the various colleges of this iconic establishment are dotted around the city. Cambridge is special for a lot of reasons but what I feel makes this English city truly incredible is it long, rich history and incredible buildings all across the city that are absolutely awe-inspiring to see. It’s sometimes hard to  believe that such a beautiful piece of British history is just used as an everyday facility by the city’s resident. It can be hard to imagine now, but many of the towns in the east of the county w…